Carpets are an integral part of the interior and needs appropriate care to keep in perfect conditions. There are various aspects of carpet care that ranges from cleaning to re stretching for maintaining the carpets in good condition. In this article we will focus on the different advantages of carpet re-stretching that plays an important role in improving the life of the carpets By Colossal Carpet Care.

  1. To fight wear and tears: This is the first and foremost advantage of carpet re-stretching that makes it important step in carpet maintenance. The carpets are prone to wear and tear due to different reasons like pets, kids or the cuts due to heavy stuff. The re-stretching process helps in removing the bubble or ripples that occur in due course of time. These ripples tend to shift the carpet into different directions and the process of re stretching helps in removing these ripples that causes the wear and tear in rugs. During the first time installation the carpets are not properly stretched therefore it must be re-stretched after a year or so to get the best appearance.
  2. To maintain the old carpets: In most of the houses the carpets are not changed for quite long time usually about seven to eight years. In such conditions the old carpets with more than five years are more prone to various issues that old rugs have like the underneath wraps or carpets get loose or the threads are open. The old carpets also get damaged due to the power full vacuum or other cleaning processes. In such conditions you must get them repaired and re-stretched. The process of re-stretching gives new life to the older carpets.
  3. To improve the life span of the carpets: The process of carpet re-stretching is quite advantageous for improving the condition of the old carpets that are a bit marginal for the floor or those with the destroyed padding. Once the carpet is re-stretched it is slacked to give you the more margins that are sufficient to complete the gaps. The best part is that it improves the life span of the carpets and gives more areas for filling the length and breadth of the floor.
  4. To save money: The process of carpet stretching saves you from many issues that tend you to go for new carpet installations. In this way it is cost effective and helps you save plenty of money that is required for new carpet installations.