img_20141006_182037355-300x169Carpet Cleaning Services

I bet you never really thought about the process that goes into Carpet Cleaning did you?  At least not the process to do it the right way.  It is fascinating and goes much deeper than your typical steam clean job.  It usually blows people’s minds when I tell them about it.

Get ready for mind blown…

Our Dual-Process carpet cleaning method is second to none. We use a Truck-mounted Steam Cleaning unit that is very powerful. It has the heat, water pressure and suction to get the job done right! But there’s more to it than that. We don’t just spray on soap and quickly rinse it away. We thoroughly clean your carpet to the highest standards in the industry!

The lead technician that comes to your home has been certified by the IICRC and personally trained by Colossal Carpets owner, Kyle Haver.

Why does Kyle personally train his technicians and not leave it up to others?  Because quality and skill are super important to him.

img_20150227_120709600-300x169We treat various carpet fibers Protection differently. And every Carpet Patchwork individually. Wine, Remove Pet Urine in Carpet, coffee, grease…these all require different applications and know-how to remove properly. We know which products can be used on which fibers to achieve the best possible results. But spots are easy, let’s get to the hard part. The part that most cleaners are leaving behind is a lot of….DRY SOILS!

You clean your carpets regularly with a vacuum and maybe even a steam cleaner but they never really look like new again do they?  That is because these home machines don’t have the capacity to get all the stuff that is stuck really deep in the carpet pile.

After we have inspected your carpet and determined which fiber it’s made of (so we use the correct detergent) we get to work on the most important part of the cleaning, dry soil removal. This is a crucial step that allows the detergents and the rinsing agents to work their best.

We then use a machine that is a vacuum and pile-lifter all in one. This not only removes dry soils your vacuum has left behind but it also helps restore the pile of your carpet; Further helping the rinsing process. After your entire carpet has been pile-lifted we use a detergent specifically designed for your carpet’s fiber type. Then, we use the pile lifter again! This process ensures that the detergents are applied properly and thoroughly. Only now are we at the point where we use our powerful, truck-mounted machine to rinse and dry your carpet. Your carpets will not only look like new, but they will be healthier. It takes time….but it’s worth it!