Tile and Grout Cleaning Denver

At Colossal Carpet Care we are able to put our powerful Truck-mounted Denver Steam Cleaning equipment to many great uses! One of them is restoring your Tile and Grout.

If you are looking for Denver tile & grout cleaning that will make your tile look like new again you are in the right place.  Really, the ONLY place for what we offer you.

After spraying on an aggressive emulsifier, we then scrub all of the grout with an abrasive brush meant just for grout lines. This busts loose the years of accumulating soil and prepares it for removal. We then attach a special wand that the Tile & Grout industry has developed just for our heavy duty machines. We set our pressure to “Power-Wash” mode and then we blast away the years of accumulation. This returns your flooring to a like-new state. The results are GUARANTEED to be AMAZING!

After the job is done we can apply a sealer to your liking as well, not only protect your clean flooring, but to give it just the shine that YOU want.