There are enormous resources that are available online to teach you about the Do It Yourself methods for carpet cleaning. These can be found either on the site selling the home improvements products or the carpet cleaning services. It can be useful in cleaning the new carpets as they are having simple dust or other issues but when you it comes to clean the carpets that are being used for long time it becomes difficult. If your carpet is full of the pet urine or other wastes like, accumulated dust, oil, sauces or more then it becomes difficult to clean it on your own. In such conditions you shall hire a professional carpet cleaner for getting the best results.

Usually we see that pet’s urine spoil the carpet which not only stings but also makes it dirty. There are several methods of carpet cleaning that can be used for removing the pet urine from the carpet including the professional cleaning. The carpet cleaning services are costly and cannot be done on frequent basis therefore it is important to adopt the simple do it yourself methods for removing the pet urine form the carpets.

There are several points that must be kept in mind for removing the urine from the carpet. These include the type of pet, and the selection of the ready-made cleaner, or home made cleaners that you will use. The selection of the pet urine cleaner is made on the basis of the pet. For example you may find a wide range of urine odor remover for cat and dog. Therefore you have to choose the cleaner on the basis of your pet. Apart there are different ranges of products that are available in two main categories.

The first category of carpet cleaners are urine odor removers; and the second one is of the urine stain removers. As described above these are divided into different types based on the pet like cat urine odor remover and cat urine stain removers. It is important to choose the right product because the inappropriate product may not get you the desired results. This is mainly because the cleaners are made from the different category of neutralizers that are reacting with the urine chemicals of pet so choosing the right urine stain and odor remover ensures that you will get the desired results.

Apart there are several other methods that use the home made cleaners which are prepared from the basic reagents like baking soda and vinegar solution and others. These can be used for cleaning the carpet on instant basis. For example you can use the baking soda powder and vinegar solution for cleaning the carpet. This solution is one of the best odor removers even from the areas other than carpet like the corner areas of the shelves and others.

While using the ready-made products you must follow the direction for use as given on the product label. In case you are using the home made cleaners you shall apply them on the affected areas or soak the area with solution and rub it with a dry cloth after few minutes. Apart you may also use the bleaching powder mixture that sublimates easily. In this manner you can remove pet urine from your carpet.