Carpet Re-stretching Denver

Carpet re-stretching - Carpet Re-stretcher - Colossal Carpet CareUnfortunately, most installers have no idea how to properly install carpet. Most often, what happens is the installer just cuts the carpet to fit the space it’s in. From there they use a knee-kicker to set the carpet. But this doesn’t lead to a successful install! In fact, the carpet hasn’t been “Installed” at all.

“But it looked good.” Well, that’s part of the problem. Some installers actually believe they have done a good job. And understandably so. At the end of the day, they are able to look back at their work and say it looks good. And it does! The problem is, it usually takes about 4 years for the 1st ripple to appear. And from there it is sure to get worse. This is why most carpet dealers and/or installers will only offer a 1 or 2 year guarantee. And what you get, in the end, is a guarantee of nothing.

We Colossal Carpet Care GUARANTEE for the life of the carpet that ripples will not form again! Where else can you get carpet stretching done with a guarantee like that?  Nowhere that I have found!