The Persian rugs or Oriental Rugs are quite expensive and you must take care of these to prevent from damage. In this article we are listing the top seven tips that must be kept in mind for keeping your carpets safe and clean. These are not only easy to apply but also require minimal time and expense. These tips will certainly help you in maintaining the expensive rugs for lifetime.

  1. Don’t rollover the rugs: If you want to keep your rugs in appropriate shape then you must avoid rolling them. In case you want to clean then you shall flip them upside without rolling. This helps the hard rugs to keep in proper shape.
  2. Keep away from direct sunlight: This is one of the most common issues that most of the house owners have with their oriental or Persian rugs. I these rugs are exposed to direct sunlight for continued period the colors fade away. It is inevitable to keep them away from direct sunlight to prevent sun damage.
  3. Don’t let the stain dry: This is another factor that may ruin your expensive oriental and Persian rug Cleaning. It is quite important to wash the stains while they are wet. The dried stains cannot only discolor the rug but also create permanent stains.
  4. Make use of rug pads: These are the best option for keeping your rugs safe from any sort of abrasion. Apart it also makes it easy to walk on the rugs. There are different types of rug pads that are available in the market as per the type of rug.
  5. Store in appropriate manner: This is equally important to keep the rugs in safe and dry place. This is quite important to keep the rugs safe from the insects and other fungus or molds that develop in humid areas.
  6. Regularly vacuum the rugs: If you are not vacuuming the rugs on regular basis then they will not only catch the dirt and debris but also get spoiled in due course of time. Regular vacuum helps in keeping the dust away from the rugs and improves their life.
  7. Iron indirectly with damp cloth: It is quite important to iron the rugs indirectly as direct ironing may reduces the life as well as discolor the patterns. While ironing the carpet you shall use a damp cloth over it to avid the above damages.